1st Grade

Featured Lesson(1.1)
“What I Want To Do”

Lesson: "What I Want To Do"

In this lesson, children will think about what they might like to do in the future, and what it means to have a dream. They will work independently to list their dreams, then share their lists in groups and with the class. Students will learn that everyone has their own dreams, and those dreams can take many forms!




Media: "Elmo's Dream"

Elmo learns about his friends' dreams for the future, and thinks about what his own dream might be. Chamki wants to be a scientist, while Lily wants to play soccer in a big stadium. What is Elmo's dream? They all share their dreams and realize dreams can be career goals, achievements, or pursuing something they love.


エルモは、お友達の話を聞いて、自分がやりたいことについて考えます。チャムキが科学者になりたいと言うと、リリーは 大きなスタジアムでサッカーをプレーしたいと言いました。エルモの夢は何でしょうか。みんなは、お互いの夢を共有し、夢は職業や達成したいこと、やりたいことだと学びます。


Students will write or draw about as many dreams as they can think of.