3rd Grade

Featured Lesson(3.1)
"What I Want to Be and What I Want to Do"

Lesson: "What I Want to Be and What I Want to Do"

In this lesson, children will think about what they would like to do and be in the future. Students will independently make lists of both what they want to do and what they want to be in the future. Then, they will choose and rank their top three goals to share with a group, and then with the class. Students will learn about the importance of different types of dreams.

レッスン: 「なりたいものとやりたいこと」



Media: "Future Dream"

Elmo learns about his friends' dreams for the future. Bel wants to read books to young children, and Lily wants to play soccer in a big stadium. After listening to his friends, what dream does Elmo come up with? Elmo realizes not all dreams are about what you want to be - some can be about what you want to do!




Students will write a list of dreams they have for their futures, considering what they want to be or do.