5th Grade

Featured Lesson(5.1)
"My Career"

Lesson: "My Career"

In this lesson, children will think about how small steps that can help them reach a large goal. After choosing one dream for the activity, students will work independently to think about measurable steps towards achieving their goal. They will share their plans in groups, and with whole class. Students will learn how to make a plan of action to help them achieve their goals.




Media: "Karate Master "

Cookie Monster takes a step towards his dream of becoming a karate master. He asks a karate master about how he can reach his goal. Then he starts by making a plan to practice every day, What do you think his first step is? It is....catching a fly with chopsticks! Cookie Monster realizes the importance of making plans of action to achive his goals.




Students will write a list of steps they can take to reach a future goal, and think about what to do first.