6th Grade

Featured Lesson(6.1)
"My Future Self"

Lesson: "My Future Self"

In this lesson, students will think about many possible career choices within a field that interests them, and what steps they might take to prepare for the future. They will work independently to make a plan of action to reach a goal in their desired career field, and then share their plans with a small group and then the class. Students will learn about different ways to prepare for the future they dream about!




Media: "Elmo and Zoe's Dreams"

Elmo and Zoe interview people whose jobs are related to airplanes as they think about future jobs they might like. They learn there are lots of jobs related to airplanes, including pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance crew. Are there any other jobs related to airplanes? The interviews help them think more about what job they might like in the future.




Students will choose a goal and begin preparing a detailed plan to reach it.